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From David Delbecq <>
Subject Re: CR Viewer
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2007 08:48:40 GMT

For crystal report support, i suggest you ask business objects. You 
probably won't get much response from tomcat list, considering your 
question is not related to tomcat.

As for search for .jar files ... Maybe the 'search' tool of windows will 
help you?
En l'instant précis du 31.10.2007 09:42, Vera2 s'exprimait en ces termes:
> Hi,
> I'm upgrading Crystalreportviewer11 to Crystalreportviewer115. I know, I
> need this directories: WEB_INF\Lib, WEB-INF\Classes and
> Crystalreportviewer115.
> Crystalreportviewer115 I take from C:\Program Files\Business
> Objects\common\3.5\ Crystalreportsviewer115. There is file CrConfig.xml
> (CrystalreportEngine.xml) in Program Files\Common Files\Business
> Objects\3.5\java. This file belongs to WEB-INF\Classes. But I don't know the
> path to find .jar files (.jar files belong to WEB_INF\Lib).
> I deployed my directory WebReports to Tomcat (by Tomcat Manager). The
> variables are Context Path= /CRV and Configuration file URL=
> file:C:\WebReports\context.xml. The deploying was succesful. Then I set in
> Tomcat administration tool the jdbc connection. (Tomcat Server -> Service
> (Catalina) -> Host (localhost) -> Context (/CRV) -> Resources -> Environment
> Entries and Environment Entry Actions on the right tab)
> I set Name= jdbc/INFO, Type= java.lang.String, Value= 
> !oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver!jdbc:oracle:thin:{userid}/{
> password}}@{server}:{port}:{oracle instance name}. I saved changes and
> commited them.I restarted Apache Tomcat service.
> I run the report. It always open a new database connection. I check user ID
> and password, click OK. But the report isn't running, i can't see this
> report in CR Viewer. But I see Database Logon screen again. Where is a
> problem? 
> Please, do you know, where should I search all new .jar files? (for my
> WEB-INF/lib directory).
> Regards,
> Vera

-- (a belgian developer's logs)

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