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From Gabe Wong <>
Subject Re: Service on Windows Server 2003
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2007 23:53:19 GMT
if using jdk6, make sure msvcr71.dll is in the path of jvm.dll. The 
easiest thing to do is to copy msvcr71.dll to the jre directory from the 
jdk directory like so:
copy %JDK_HOME%\bin\msvcr71.dll %JDK_HOME%\jre\bin\server\
Dan Armbrust wrote:
> I have a difficult but severe problem with the tomcat service launcher
> on windows server 2003.
> Our application installs itself, tomcat, and a jvm, and then runs a
> bat file which registers the tomcat server, using our provided jvm.
> I _know_ this code works fine almost everywhere - it has been in use
> for years, on dozens of systems.
> However, we have a new customer, a 1/2 a world away, who has installed
> our application on a Windows Server 2003 box with 4 GB of ram that is
> using a Spanish Locale.  The server is brand new - so its an almost
> perfectly clean install on windows.
> After we register the tomcat service - the service refuses to start
> tomcat.  There are no useful error messages - just something along the
> lines of the service failed to start.  I'm not sure exactly, because
> it's in Spanish.
> It looks rather similar to this bug:
> which if you ask me, has been closed completely prematurely by someone
> who didn't understand the real problem.
> When I run the tomcat5w.exe command - all of the parameters are set
> correctly.  I cannot find any reason why this service refuses to start
> on this particular configuration, yet - it won't run.  And it also
> happens on another one of their machines (which is identical).
> I also cannot reproduce the problem locally on my test systems - so I
> still haven't been able to pinpoint what is different about their
> configuration that is triggering this.
> Suggestions?
> I have very limited ability to do debugging on the system that is
> showing the problem.
> Thanks,
> Dan
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Gabe Wong
Private JVM JAVA Hosting Automation

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