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From Markus Schönhaber <>
Subject Re: Tomcat vs. Tomcat+Apache+mod_jk
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2007 12:15:25 GMT
Georg Zeiser wrote:

> We want to run a java enterprise application on Tomcat. But we don't know 
> what is better, Tomcat (6.0.14) as standalone or Tomcat behind an Apache 
> (2.0.59 or 2.2.x) with mod_jk.
> If a customer has Apache already installed, we will use the configuration 
> with mod_jk. But what to do when there is no web-server? Are there any 
> reasons NOT to run Tomcat as a standalone-server in a produktive 
> environment? The most important point is security: would it be "easier to 
> hack" an standalone Tomcat  than Tomcat+Apache?
> Performance shouldn't be a problem because there is only 1 application.

Short answer: if you don't see a compelling reason to actively put an
httpd in front of Tomcat, there most probably is none.

Longer answer: of course, there are reasons to use an httpd as front end
to Tomcat. Among these are:
- Load balancing of multiple Tomcat instances.
- Non-Java web applications (ex. PHP) which httpd might handle better
than Tomcat.
But the claim one can sometimes read that you should *always* put an
httpd in front of Tomcat is complete nonsense IMO. The opposite is true.
 If you use httpd+Tomcat, instead of one server application you have to
install, configure and maintain two server applications. More over, you
have to make them work together. But this additional effort doesn't
magically make things faster, more "secure", or somehow "better".
You may want to go through this additional hassle nevertheless if you
have a compelling reason to do so (like one of the above). Without a
compelling reason, I'd say stick to a stand-alone Tomcat.


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