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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Form based auth - Not working
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2007 18:45:25 GMT
Nicolas Gonzalez wrote:
> I've done almost (I think that everything!) that the doc requires to
> configure a FORM
> based authentication and doesn't work.
> I have a DB with users and user-roles tables and data in those tables but
> every time I try
> to log in my application it will fail with no reason, nor log either!
> I started thinking that any kind of authentication wasn't going to work, so
> I tried using the
> BASIC based one, which surprisingly worked :)

BASIC auth with the realm below or with the MemoryUserDatabaseRealm?

> So, I don't know what is my mistake.
> I'm sending here the content of my context xml file in

Looks OK at first glance.

> (as u may see, the realm is not a DataSourceRealm because it doesn't work at
> all, at least in my
> case!!! Another problem for another thread I guess...)

That is probably because you need to specify localDataSource="true" to
tell the Realm the data source is defined in context.xml rather than
globally in server.xml

> The web.xml of my app is correctly configured and that's not the problem!

Can we see it any way, just to confirm please.


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