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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: How to increase Tomcat webserver speed?
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2007 16:52:28 GMT
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keglius wrote:
> I have a server running Apache Tomcat 5.5 with my Java application. This
> Java application uses MySQL 4.1.x and is very server resource intensive. The
> application makes a lot of calls to database to gather various information
> which is used for reports.

Is reporting the primary function of the server, or are you supporting
both a standard web application as well as reporting features? (I ask
because most companies offload reporting duties to a server that is not
used for day-to-day operations... the production server is replicated in
some way, and then a separate database is used for reporting.)

> My server is AMD 3200+ with 2GBs of RAM and 80gb hdd.

Seems fine. More memory is almost always better, but it shouldn't be a
problem if you're not running out of it.

> I would like to ask you, guys, how can I increase the speed of my Tomcat
> webserver, so the application would work faster?

As was mentioned less than an hour ago on another thread: if your web
app heavily relies on a database, then your database is likely to be the

Is this a one-box wonder, or do you have the database on a separate
machine? Do you have appropriate indexes on your tables? Are you issuing
any "slow" queries (see MySQL documentation regarding identifying slow
queries)? Are you issuing barrages of queries that could potentially be
coalesced into just a few?

> Currently I ran a stress test with 10 users browsing through my application
> pages (members area) and I have noticed that it takes an average 5-10
> seconds to load the page. I need to increase the site loading speed much
> more, so the page loading would be much faster. The server load during the
> test was around 2.5% of CPU. System use 1.5 of RAM constantly (800MBs is
> allocated for Tomcat).

Is this one single page that is performing badly, or is this a
representative of the whole app?

- -chris

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