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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: why/how to use ajp connector...
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 22:12:51 GMT
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loredana loredana wrote:
> Ok, my project manager asked me to set up a server with tomcat, 
> apache and ajp connector.

Any reason not to simply use Tomcat all by itself?

> This is the first time I do it and after reading some of the
> documentation on the ajp connector I still can't figure out it's
> purpose. Can anybody tell me what is it's use?

At the risk of sounding mean: why are ou using it if you don't know what
it does?

> And one more question. After reading the documentation and making the
>  changes to the configuration and everything, when I run my 
> application how can I test/verify that the connector is working?

If you make a request to Apache httpd and it ends up running your JSP or
servlet, then it works ;)

> how can I determine if apache is handling the static content and not 
> tomcat?

Make a request. Check the httpd server logs and the Tomcat server logs.
It Tomcat says it served the request, then your configuration is incorrect.

> 10x in advance and sorry for if the question sounds too "newby"

It is a newby question, but that's not a problem. The problem is that
you are asking how to do something that you probably don't need to do.

mod_jk is only required if the following are both true:

1. You must use Apache httpd.
2. You have an Apache httpd version lower than 2.2

There are other reasons to use mod_jk, but that would depend on your
needs. Since you provided no information about your needs, I can't
comment on whether or not you /require/ mod_jk.

For instance, I require multiple Tomcat instances running in separate
JVMs to be served through port 443. That is not possible without some
type of multiplexer (Apache httpd in this case). Since I'm using Apache
httpd 2.0.x, my choices are to use mod_proxy_http or mod_jk. I believe I
have configuration requirements that are either impossible or overly
complex to use mod_proxy_http (or even mod_proxy_ajp in Apache httpd
2.2), so I use mod_jk.

- -chris

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