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Subject Re: quick or easy re-direct
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 13:25:03 GMT
dave slimmon wrote:
> Morning folks...
> I'm new to Tomcat 6.x and would appreciate any advice.
> We have a dynamically-generated page pretty deep in our site which, long
> story short, we do not wish to modify or alter in any way.  However, we
> would like any requests for that page to re-direct / forward to the front
> door of the site.
> So for example, when a user hits the following URL:
> http://Foo/SomeWebapp/SomeDirectory/SomeDynamicPage/SomePageId

Does the URL for the page change or is it consistent?


> They would immediately be sent to:
> http://Foo/SomeWebapp/
> It seems like there must be a really easy way to do this from the Tomcat
> Admin console somewhere, but I can't spot it and nothing in the official
> docs I've read so far leap out at me.  I'd appreciate any guidance here.
> Cheers,

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