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From Diego Rodríguez Martín <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6 and Permgen increase with redeployments
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 08:35:37 GMT

    There is a leak in commons pool in version 6 that prevents 
WebappClassLoader from being garbage collected

    Anyway, you may be encountering memory leaks of you own, and nothing 
can replace memory profiling to find your offending classes. This link 
may be an introduction to memory leaks,

wild_oscar escribió:
> Although I've read a lot in the past week about Permgen and the problems of
> some libs, I haven't been able to find a solution to my problem.
> I'm running Tomcat 6 and an application with (among others):
> - Struts 2
> - Hibernate
> - Tiles 2
> - Log4j
> - ant
> Redeployment with ant (or the tomcat manager) makes the permgen space grow
> and it doesn't shrink.
> I'm using Jprofiler to figure out what's wrong. I recorded allocation data,
> deployed the application, stopped recording and undeployed. I made GC
> collect, well, the garbage, and Permgen free space did not increase. 
> I seem to be stuck with a lot of log4j classes and hibernate classes.
> I've pushed the Postgresql driver to the container's /lib. I've also tried
> pushing log4j and commons-logging there as well.
> Waiting some time does not solve the problem as well. Permgen space will not
> decrease.
> As for hibernate, I've implemented a static SessionFactory, which I close in
> the destroy() method of my servletcontextlistener. 
> Can anyone pinpoint the probable cause, solution or way to tackle this
> problem? Increasing the size of the Permgen only postpones the problem: at
> the end of a workday it'll be full, after a dozen redeployments...

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