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From Adrian Sutton <>
Subject Tomcat Process Not Exiting
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2007 23:16:36 GMT
Hi all,
I need some help tracking down why the tomcat process (the actual  
server) never exits when executing I'm pretty sure it's  
something my webapp is doing but I'm not sure how to get the  
debugging information to track it down.

If I execute, wait for startup to finish and then run - everything exits normally. If I send a request to my  
webapp though, runs normally and the Tomcat logs show all  
the usual shutdown logs but the process never exits. The logs I get  
both when it works and when it doesn't are:
Oct 24, 2007 8:52:00 AM org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11Protocol pause
INFO: Pausing Coyote HTTP/1.1 on http-8080
Oct 24, 2007 8:52:01 AM org.apache.catalina.core.StandardService stop
INFO: Stopping service Catalina
Oct 24, 2007 8:52:02 AM org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11Protocol destroy
INFO: Stopping Coyote HTTP/1.1 on http-8080

My main suspect was a non-daemon thread lurking around or a deadlock,  
but using kill -QUIT I can verify that all the threads are daemon and  
none of them deadlocked *before* I execute and afterwards  
kill -QUIT doesn't have any effect.

Any tips on how to work out what's going wrong?


Adrian Sutton

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