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From nyronian <>
Subject deploy outside of appBase w/Manager
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 20:51:10 GMT

To put it simply, I would like to use the manager to deploy an app just like
auto-deployment works but I need to change the context (path) without
changing the name of the war.

I am trying to implement the following deployment requirment:

1. Change the context (path) of the war I am deploying, different from the
name of the war.  Note:  I know this is not best practice and against
tomcats model but I cannot change the name of the war, as much as I would
love to.

2. Deploy the war outside of the appBase directory via the tomcat manager.
Note: this has to be done in order to change the context.  The context
cannot be changed if it resides in the appBase directory

3. When deploying the war, have it:
      a. load the war from disk (or from an URL)
      b. un-deploy itself if needed (delete the directory off disk)
      c. unPack itself to disk in the location specified (as specified by
the docBase parm)
      d. deploy itself under the given context (path)

Note:  I have done a ton of research and can't seem to find this exact
scenario.  I can manually do this by simply laying out the war on disk and
loading the context.xml file and point to the directory, but I can't seem to
auto-deploy with this scenario with the manager tool.

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