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From Andrei Tchijov <>
Subject Using RequestDispatcher.include() outside of Request/Response cycle.
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2007 20:48:10 GMT
   I have a valve which detects some events in life-cycle of a web  
application ( like successful login/failed login/logout ) and invokes  
some configurable JSP page to let it perform some audit auctions  
( like putting records in the table which trace access to  
application ).  It works fine, the only problem is auditing session  
timeouts.  I can (and do) add session listener, so it is not a  
problem to detect that session timed out. The problem is how to  
invoke my audit JSP page. RequestDispatcher.include() require Request  
and Response objects which are obviously not accessible inside  
SessionEvent callback.  Should I create some sort of "fake" Request/ 
Response objects? Can I reuse some Request/Response objects from  
earlier (like when valve detected creation of the session)?  Audit  
JSP page does NOT produce any output and it does NOT require any  
information from Request, so this Request/Response objects only need  
to be able to make RequestDispatcher.include() happy.
   Your thoughts will be highly appreciated,

Andrei Tchijov

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