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From "Nathan Bahr" <>
Subject Re: tc & xmlhttprequest
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 22:41:57 GMT
hmm what exactly do you need ajax for? From my recollection, ajax is
simply a method of making mini-requests to the server so the interaction
with your webapp is a bit more fluid. As for that last bit, I have found
that you can specify the path as /FolderInWebApp/Script/myScript.js
instead of using the fully qualified name. When you start the path with
'/' it looks in the base webapp directory. Lemme know if this helps any.

>>> 09/10/07 3:23 PM >>>
Any tips on serving a ajax page with tomcat?  I am now calling the page
with a jsp:forward outside of the web-inf.  Do I also have to fully unc
path to the *.js files, like
src=localhost:8080/context/intPages/myScripts.js ?

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