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From Nicolas Clemeur <>
Subject Cactus Authentication problem with Tomcat > 5.5.20
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2007 12:47:27 GMT

Hello all,

I am having some difficulties to setup cactus tests using 
tomcat > 5.5.20 (Everything works fine with 5.5.20). 
I am using form authentication in cactus tests (as described
 on the cactus web site). When I look at the generated request,
I get the authentication layer called with all the parameters
needed for the test (service name, class,...), but when the 
request for the actual test is generated it is missing all the
 parameters to run the test. So I am suspecting something must
 have change in tomcat (nothing has changed in the cactus 
environment) in the way the authentication calls are handled
 in tomcat post 5.5.20 (I have tried 5.5.23 and 5.5.25). 
If I disable authentication all is working fine again. For the
 authentication layer we use a JDBC Realm. Outside cactus tests
 the webapp is working fine in 5.5.25.

I would really appreciate if anyone would have an idea where
 I should look at as I am really having a hard time to understand
 where these parameters get swallowed.



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