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From "Eric B." <>
Subject Re: How to manage Apache error msgs when Tomcat is down?
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 19:22:08 GMT
>> Our tomcat apps are self-contained (non-exploded) wars, and
>> mapping each individual extension beomces a challenge (ie:
>> .jsp, .jspa, jsps, .jpg, .js, .....), so we found it easier
>> just to map the entire context.

>In that case, why are you using httpd at all?  Is it needed for some
>other reason?  If all your requests are going to Tomcat anyway, adding
>httpd to the mix just slows things down.

Well, individual applications run using mapped contexts, but there are still 
other static pages being mapped as well.  Not to mention other virtual hosts 
that I do not want to host using Tomcat.

For example:* is static content is context for tomcat application 1 is context for tomcat application 2* is static content for a virtual server

... etc.

Plus, like this I get to harness all the advantages of httpd (including 
.htaccess, php, perl, etc) without having to worry about the java server.

Also it lets me separate my web server from my application server, and gives 
me a little more firewall control over my java application server (only JK 
ports are open, for example, and machine is only accessible internally, 

Thanks again.


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