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From "Eric B." <>
Subject Re: How to manage Apache error msgs when Tomcat is down?
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 03:52:08 GMT
>> I couldn't find
>> any binaries for 1.2.25 compiled for http 2.0.52 - running CentOS4 and
>> the
>> latest httpd is 2.0.52-32 - would any binaries later than 1.2.19 work on
>> that build?
> Dude, just build your own. Here are the steps to installing a binary:
> $ wget http://../bin/
> $ cp /usr/lib/apache2-extramodules
> Here are the steps to building and installing from source:
> $ wget http://.../src/tomcat-connectors-1.2.25.tar.gz
> $ tar xzf tomcat-connectors-1.2.25.tar.gz
> $ cd tomcat-connectors-1.2.25/native
> $ ./configure --with-apxs=/path/to/apxs
> $ make
> $ cp apache-2.0/ /usr/lib/apache2-extramodules/
> Done! That was easy! No worries about waiting for the perfect binary to
> come out 'cause you can just build your own!

Thanks for the input.  I didn't build my own for 2 reasons:
1) don't have any cc / gcc on my RHEL linux server  - it is used purely for
production and only have proven stable things on it from the RHEL updates.
2) I was under the impression that it would only work with 2.0.59 version of
apache - that it had some code in there that would not compile / function
with 2.0.52.

I guess given your info, I can try to compile it on another server and see
where that gets me.

>> Can I customize the error page on a per mount basis by creating a
>> .htaccess file in my /tomcat/ directory within my httpd file workspace?
> Nope: you've mapped the entire URL space into Tomcat, so when Tomcat
> isn't working, Apache won't even look. What you ought to do IMO is only
> map things you actually need. Something like this:
> Alias /tomcat /path/to/tomcat/webapps/ROOT (or whatever)
> <Directory "/path/to/tomcat/webapps/ROOT">
>    Order allow,deny
>    Allow from all
>    <Files ".htaccess">
>        Allow deny,allow
>        Deny from all
>    </Files>
> </Directory>
> JkMount /tomcat/*.jsp worker1
> JkMount /tomcat/j_security_check worker1
> ... others ...

Thanks for the confirmation.  I had kinda figured as much.  Our tomcat apps
are self-contained (non-exploded) wars, and mapping each individual
extension beomces a challenge (ie: .jsp, .jspa, jsps, .jpg, .js, .....), so
we found it easier just to map the entire context.  In fact, I don't quite
see the advantage of your defn - perhaps I am missing something.  Why do you
even bother alias'ing /tomcat at all?  I guess it is so that anything not
mapped to the JKworker will be served from the /path/to/tomcat/webapps/ROOT
directory directly?  Is there any performance enhancement from doing it that

Would going about it in the "opposite" direction be a bad idea?  Ie: JkMount
the entire context and JkUnmount the specific files / extensions that you
don't want mounted?

Thanks again for all the advice!


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