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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: Embedded Apache Tomcat/5.5.9 outputting to java.util.logging instead of console
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 02:03:56 GMT
Chris is correct, Tomcat will use java.util.logging if it doesn't find log4j 
(and TC 6 won't even look for log4j by default).  So all you have to do is 
to configure java.util.logging for your application.  If you want to use 
Tomcat's Juli implementation, then you need to configure that for your 
entire application as well by starting it with:

"Magnus Vojbacke (KA/EAB)" <> wrote in message 
Problem at hand:
Embedding tomcat into our server, we get the occasional info and warning
while tomcat is starting. In our current configuration, these messages
are fed to the console. Although the warnings do not affect the
performance of our product, they are confusing to our users.

Now, I'd like to output _everything_ from tomcat to a logfile instead of
the console, and I do _not_ want to use log4j. Any other method is fine,
and java.util.logging would be prefereable (this shouldn't be a problem
with commons-logging, right?). I've googled terms like "embedded tomcat
java.util.logging" and less specific terms since yesterday, and there's
tons of info on how to configure tomcat logging. But it all seems to be
for file-configuration of "regular" tomcat installations (as opposed to
embedded), and I haven't gotten any of the examples to work. I've also
tried to alter our invocation of tomcat, but alas I have not found any
way in the API of supplying an existing Logger-object or define which
logger object to use programatically either.

So, how do I set up tomcat to log _everything_ to commons-logging ->
java.util.logging.Logger? Can this be configured by config-files (which
ones, and how???), or do I have to make these settings from our invoking
code? Does anyone know of any how-tos or guides that touch on the issue
of logging from embedded tomcat?


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