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From Juha Laiho <>
Subject Re: HTTP status error 500 in tomcat 4.1.36
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2007 04:00:17 GMT
On Mon, 17 Sep 2007, bharatp80 wrote:
> Thanks for your quick reply.
> but i am surprised the same code is working on another server.

Such things do happen.

> so i guess to doubt on test.jsp is not appropriate.

But still, the error message shows that is where the error happens.
So, that is the place from which you start looking for; you pinpoint
the error there - and it could be that leads to the real source of
problem. The other solution is to run around madly, looking from
all sorts of improbable places.

> do you have any other clue for this.

That clue was the suggestion to look at the code generated
by Tomcat from your test.jsp, and determine why this happens:

> > root cause 
> > 
> > java.lang.NullPointerException
> > 	at org.apache.jsp.test_jsp._jspService(

... at line 94 of the

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