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From "Per Johnsson" <>
Subject RE: NoClassDefFoundError, Tomcat isn't seeing JARs in webapps/<appname>/lib?
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2007 08:26:34 GMT

Just a quick one, how do you start Tomcat? Is it another user? Does the
directories/apps have the correct rights. And does Tomcat/java have the
necessery rights to read, and run?

Regards Per Jonsson

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From: Ghodmode [] 
Sent: den 4 september 2007 09:22
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: NoClassDefFoundError, Tomcat isn't seeing JARs in

On 9/4/07, David Delbecq <> wrote:
> J2EE specs says librairies of a webapp must be in /WEB-INF/lib  
> (that's for the part about subjet line where you use /lib)

Thank you David.  That was a typo.  I am actually using WEB-INF/lib.

Now, for you mail content you seem to be indeed using WEB-INF/lib, and
> it seems to be the 3 libs required by wicket example. I suggest you 
> investigate the possibility of having downloaded a broken jar. Maybe, 
> try switching away from a beta version....

I've double-checked the JAR file and it's okay, but I re-downloaded it
anyway and I still get the same results.  The Wicket download page says
that the latest beta is stable and suggests using it for new projects.
But I tried version 1.2.6 anyway and I have the same results :(

I have become convinced that this is a Tomcat problem.  Just to be
thorough, though, I'm going to try with an earlier version of Java.
Wicket's site states that it requires 1.4.  I think that it means 1.4
and up, but I'm using 1.6.  So, I'll give it a try with 1.5, then with

Thank you,

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