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From "Peter Crowther" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 5.0 strange crashes
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2007 14:42:44 GMT
> From: keglius [] 
> Actually, the server almost doesn't have free memory.
> 1007.9 MB of 1011.2 MB used; 3.2 MB available RAM

OK, that's physical memory.  What about swap?

> I think Tomcat is configured to always use 1GB of memory.

Then you have a problem anyway.  You have 1 Gbyte of physical RAM.  The
operating system and services will need a chunk of it, as will Plesk.
You're *also* allocating 1 Gbyte to Tomcat.  That means that somebody
loses!  If you're lucky, you have some unused memory at the top of the
Java heap.  If you're unlucky, your system is paging hard as the JVM
uses physical memory it hasn't got and portions of the Java heap get
paged out.  You might want to look at disk traffic to see whether this

I suggest you check your JVM to find out how much of that 1 Gbyte
allocation is actually being used.  If the answer is "not much", your
system might benefit from reducing the JVM heap size.  If you're using
most of that 1 Gbyte, I suggest adding RAM to the server - it's almost
certainly short of RAM.

> The server was working just fine earlier, but now within there were 3
> crashes within last 3 weeks.

Then something has changed.  If memory/swap is the problem (and I'm not
sure), it could be something as simple as a RedHat patch causing a
service to occupy more memory, or someone leaving a large job suspended
in the background.

		- Peter

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