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From "Peter Crowther" <>
Subject RE: Why "Net use ..." does not work with WebDAV servlet
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2007 15:11:45 GMT
> From: shahab [] 
> I am trying to develop a simple distributed file system using 
> WebDAV servlet on Tomact application server. while I can 
> successfully browse the WebDAV enabled directory via IE or 
> FireFox, issuing "net use p: http://lp:port/Dav" results in  
> "The network name can not be found"  error message so drive 
> P: can not be created. whereas this net use command can be 
> executed successfully in Apache web server.

The WebDAV redirector built into Windows uses a different codebase from
the one built into Internet Explorer.  It also doesn't match the WebDAV
spec in a number of unpleasant ways.  I assume the httpd developers
(assuming this is what you mean by "Apache web server") have managed to
find a workaround which is not in Tomcat's WebDAV servlet.

Have you looked at Jakarta Slide?  It contains a more complete WebDAV
implementation than Tomcat's own servlet, and may get round the problem.
It also includes pluggable storage modules; you may find that much of
your distributed file system work has been done for you.

		- Peter

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