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From "Tremal Naik" <>
Subject Re: How to get Request from RequestFacade
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2007 15:24:48 GMT
2007/9/6, David Smith <>:
> help.  I'm still unclear as to why you need access those object.  If you
> could say more about that, someone might be able to offer a better way
> to do what you want.


I need to access some of the Catalina Session specific features. In
the Valve invoke() method I perform a call like the following:

// update last access for this session
Session catalinaSession = request.getSessionInternal(false);

This is very easy to do with an HttpSession as well, but there are
other things that come easy with Catalina objects and I'm not able to
realise using J2EE specific interfaces, i.e.:

// get all sessions active for this manager
Session[] managedSessions = request.getContext().getManager().findSessions();

// find a session by ID
Session session = request.getContext().getManager().findSession(id);

// access the security realm
Realm realm = request.getContext().getRealm();

Hence, I'd like to know if I can perform the above operations in a
J2ee Filter doFilter() method.



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