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From David Delbecq <>
Subject Re: Simultaneous Requests to servlet
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2007 13:07:08 GMT
Pavan Singaraju a écrit :
>     I understand that Tomcat has a SingleThreadModel interface that allows
> only one thread access/One request at a time model. But help me solve the
> previous problem
> --
> Pavan S. Kumar
Don't use SingleThreadModel anyway. From J2EE 1.4 docs:

Deprecated. As of Java Servlet API 2.4, with no direct replacement.

public interface SingleThreadModel

Ensures that servlets handle only one request at a time. This interface 
has no methods.

If a servlet implements this interface, you are guaranteed that no two 
threads will execute concurrently in the servlet's service method. The 
servlet container can make this guarantee by synchronizing access to a 
single instance of the servlet, or by maintaining a pool of servlet 
instances and dispatching each new request to a free servlet.

Note that SingleThreadModel does not solve all thread safety issues. For 
example, session attributes and static variables can still be accessed 
by multiple requests on multiple threads at the same time, even when 
SingleThreadModel servlets are used. It is recommended that a developer 
take other means to resolve those issues instead of implementing this 
interface, such as avoiding the usage of an instance variable or 
synchronizing the block of the code accessing those resources. This 
interface is deprecated in Servlet API version 2.4.

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