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From Darek Czarkowski <>
Subject Re: Tomcat crash @ midnight - but why?
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 18:04:59 GMT
Martin Cavanagh wrote:
> Each time when Tomcat has crashed, it has been at midnight.  At 
> exactly midnight my program changes log directorys - from 20-09-2007 
> to 21-09-2007.  This is a TimerTask.  A thread which runs at exactly 
> each of these crashes it has reported "Can't create 
> directory '\.cs-aterm\logs\SYSTEM\2007-09-25'".  I can't help 
> wondering if that might somehow be related.  However if that happens, 
> it should result in no logs being produced, not in Tomcat crashing.

Now, this would be funny, can you search the source code of the deployed 
application for System.exit call?  :p

Darek Czarkowski
Ph: 604 294 6557 (Ext. 113)
Fx: 604 294 6507
darekc at infinitesource dot ca 

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