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Subject Re: Tomcat crash @ midnight - but why?
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 16:30:13 GMT
Martin Cavanagh wrote:

> just to to check - there is no hidden setting in Tomcat which says -
> shut me down at midnight sometimes for an inexplainable reason?

Oh yeah, forgot about that one. Filip, Remy et al have a funny sense of
humour - they're always building crazy easter eggs into Tomcat.

No, Martin, there's no secret scheduled shutdown setting.

I've asked about the logs before, but I'll ask again...
What's in the logs immediately before the shutdown?

You'll need to look in catalina.out, any app logs and the access log for
the app.

If you're using the default JVM settings, there's a chance that you
might not be running on the server JVM, so your app may have a limited
amount of memory at it's disposal (32Mb if memory serves).  If it's
hanging for some reason (e.g. an app internal job at midnight?) would
VMWare shut it down as a bad/dead process?

Evidence of this might be found in the logs, by unexpected gaps in
access log traffic, error messages in catalina.out etc.

You could also configure jvm gc logging, (google for this), which may
tell you something.


> Martin

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