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From Daniel M Garland <>
Subject Re: DeltaManager cannot receive message through TCP channel in Tomcat cluster
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 12:33:58 GMT
Christopher Schultz wrote:

> Is Eclipse re-setting the serialVersionUID for each compile, or do you
> have one explicitly set in your code? (Meaning, does the
> serialVersionUID ever change?)

Well in Eclipse I said 'add generated ID', but this declares a final 
static long that hasn't changed because the code in the class is the 
same. This long value matches what the Tomcat log says is the 'local' 
class name...

>> 3) I have the same code running on both the Tomcat servers.
> Are you sure? Try checking md5sum or sha1sum for the classes in
> question. Object serialization should not depend upon the architecture
> (that's the whole point), so switching from a 32-bit machine to a 64-bit
> one should not have changed anything.

Yeh the MD5Sum matches.

Any other ideas? I've got expireSessionsOnShutdown=false on my Cluster 
element, perhaps when I redeployed the code at some point some old 
session with an old ID is being preserved somehow? I'm not using any 
session persistence either.

Another strange thing is since this started happening I don't ever see 
the session count in the manager app increase above zero, even though if 
I sit in front of the webapp my session is persisted across the 
cluster... weird.


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