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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: AJP Flush Packet causing text/plain output
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2007 06:33:43 GMT
Hi Larry,

Larry Reisler wrote:
> We recently switched our development JBOSS instance from 4.05GA to
> 4.21GA, where we are have been using mod_jk for connecting an Apache
> front end server (2.2) to the Tomcat AppServer. We have noticed

Would you mind telling us the JK version?

> periodic times when the apache web server will return data with a
> content-type of plain/text (the server default) instead of the real
> content-type, and a chunked encoding (even if the AppServer was
> producing a non-chunked content). We tried switch to mod_proxy_ajp,
> but got the same result.
> A bit of sleuthing (2 days X 2 engineers) revealed that the AJP
> connection on Tomcat is sending a SEND_BODY_CHUNK (which I assume is
> a flush packet) periodically that seem to be confusing mod_jk. We can
> see in the mod_jk and mod_proxy_ajp debug log that the correct
> headers are coming from the Tomcat server. However, it seems like
> mod_jk and mod_proxy_ajp are losing all the header information
> regarding the packet (including the Powered by headers, content-type,
> content-length, cookies, etc.).
> In normal operation, for a sample small transaction, we would see
> this sequence in response: SEND_HEADERS SEND_BODY_CHUNK END_RESPONSE
> When the output would come out as text/plain, we would see this
> Is there something we should have configured differently so that
> mod_jk or mod_proxy_ajp will behave better?

I'll have to check, but I wouldn't be to surprised, if mod_jk expects 
SEND_HEADERS first. Could you please open an issue with bugzilla? That 
helps us keeping track.

There's no option at the moment, and I think we need to fix this. At the 
moment I'm not sure about where this needs fixing, in JK or in the AJP 
connector on the Tomcat side (or both).

It would be very helpful, if you could attach your JK debug log, the JK 
configuration and the Tomcat connector configuration to the bug entry. 
Is there a chance to get a simple reproduction case (small webapp)?



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