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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: issue when redirect/forward on not - parsed form/multipart request
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2007 14:10:48 GMT
Hi Thomas, wrote:
> I wrote a servlet (running on Apache Tomcat 5.5) using Commons FileUpload
> and it works good except for the following problem:
> If a user wants to upload a file larger then sizeMax, a
> SizeLimitExceededException is thrown while parsing the request and I want
> to redirect the user to another webpage displaying a warning/error. If the
> users session expired the request is ignored (not parsed) and the user is
> redirected to some page telling him about it.

As I understand you, you can easily reproduce the  behaviour without 
actually uploading huge files, because the redirect should happen before 
the actual upload starts?

If so, you can increase the redirector log level to "debug" or even 
"trace", because then we can see, if and in which form your redirect 
comes back and maybe also, what happens to it.

> Is there something that has to be done (sort of "cancelling" the request)?

I'm not sure, let's look at the log. I expect, you return a 30x, using a 
real http redirect?

Just to make sure, you should also post your

> Thomas



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