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From Dale Nesbitt <>
Subject Re: creation of a common session variable.
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2007 13:06:22 GMT
Not sure, maybe somebody else would know.  But if there is a performance
hit, it would be simple enough to just fetch the object once in your
init() method then keep a reference to it.

Pavan Singaraju wrote:
> Thanks guys,
> I have one more question. Using the JNDI, will it put any additional burden
> on Tomcat webserver?? I mean performance wise?
> --
> Pavan S. Kumar
> On 9/20/07, David Smith <> wrote:
>> Another possibility is to store it in the ServletContext (ie application
>> scope) if it's just used on one webapp.
>> --David
>> Dale Nesbitt wrote:
> I believe you can load any JavaBean using JNDI, and the bean will be
> shared between all sessions in the context.
> Pavan Singaraju wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>   i have a design related question. I have to maintain some data common
>>> to
>>>>> all sessions. If one session updates the value in the data structure,
>>> then
>>>>> it should either updated in all the sessions / in the common data
>>> structure.
>>>>> Is there an approach i can go with?
>>>>> --
>>>>> Pavan S. Kumar

Dale Nesbitt

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