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From Baldurien <>
Subject Download problem with IE6, IIS 6.0, SSL, Tomcat 6.0.13 and connector 1.2.25 (last in date) on Windows Server 2k3
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2007 13:16:43 GMT

I have the following configuration :

- A Tomcat 6.0.13 serving any file running on port 8080
-  A  IIS  6.0 frontend server, on port 80/443 (for SSL) which use the
Jp connector 1.2.25 as a gateway to Tomcat, on Windows Server 2003

The  connector  serves  all  that  is  in  /myProject path without any
restriction  on  file  type. It works pretty well in both case (IIS ->
Tomcat, or Tomcat without IIS).

However,  the application do have a struct action which serves up file
stored  in  database,  via  Hibernate.  In such case, when the file is
"large"  (I  would  say  at  least  10KiB),  Internet Explorer 6 fails
downloading with this message :

 >> Internet Explorer cannot download from localhost.
 >> The connection with the server was reset

This      fails      only      when      I'm      using the      IIS     url
(https://localhost/foo/  :  when I'm calling directly the
Tomcat webserver, it works without any problem.

Before  looking  for a solution on the web, I tried to view the log of
the  connector  :  I  do  not  have  a  single log file in "C:\Program
Files\Apache   Software   Foundation\Jakarta   Isapi  Redirector\log",
despise  the  fact  I  setted level on debug both in a file located in
the same directory than isapi_redirect, and in registry.

My search was not successful, as I found no real clues about my problem.

I  did  not try with another browser (like Firefox) as the web project
must work with IE6.

Additionnaly, I have a few questions regarding my problem :

1.  How  do  we enable the logs? The and the
registry points to :

log_file=C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Jakarta Isapi 

The file is never created. I did not try without spaces.

2.  Is  there  a  limit  in  size  between IIS and Tomcat? Some of the
result  in  my  search  spoke about a 8192 bytes limits, other about a
pool size limit?


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