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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Servlet Redeployment in Production
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 15:41:48 GMT
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lightbulb432 wrote:
> What does Tomcat do when, in production, a new version of a WAR file that's
> currently being accessed is deployed? I've heard generally that you don't
> enable the auto-deployment feature in production, but assume you're aiming
> for a five-nines environment and the requirement is hot redeployment of the
> application.

I would argue that autodeploy doesn't help much in this case, but we'll
stick with that assumption for this discussion.

> So here's the scenario: users are accessing a given context continually. An
> administrator literally drops into the webapps folder a new WAR file with
> the same name as the context above. What happens from a technical
> perspective, in terms of synchronization, consistency of existing sessions
> that were on the old webapp, and much more?

Reading the code would provide a much better explanation that one of us
essentially regurgitating the code as pseudocode.

> Before spoiling the surprise for me, can anyone point me to the relevant
> classes/methods in the Tomcat source code to take a look at? (Then when I
> can't figure it out, I'll come back and ask you to spoil the surprise :) I'd
> like to get better at looking through a code base and figuring these things
> out, so hopefully someone can guide me in this.

I'd start with org.apache.catalina.StandardContext (and, specifically,
the "reload" method), since that's the thing being reloaded.

- -chris
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