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From David Delbecq <>
Subject Re: Tomcat lost requests/logs
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 10:04:10 GMT
Looks like you have configured round robin somewhere and another tomcat
handled the 2 other requests.

Another possibility, regarding logs, is that timezone used to log (local
server timezone) is not same as used by your database or as used by your
client's desktop clock.

The session can expire for various reasons:

- timeout (see tomcat logs)
- invalid session id provided (if you have 2 tomcat server sharing load
and they do not share session, this can happen)
- User cleared cookies or user disabled cookies and your application
does not use url rewriting mecanisms
- Your application calls session.invalidate()

En l'instant précis du 12/09/07 11:23, Ing. Diego Trombetta s'exprimait
en ces termes:
> 	I'm working with Tomcat 5.5.23.
> 	The users are complaining that they need to log in a lot of
> times during the day,
> 	therefore I took a look at logs and, to my surprise, I found out
> that there are missing requests!
> 	What I mean is that on the logs I can read something like:
> 	 10-set-2007 10.18.44 INFO:  [MyApp/MyServlet] "My Message"
> (user)
> 	 10-set-2007 10.27.56 INFO:  [MyApp/MyServlet] "My Message"
> (user)
> 	while the users performed 3 requests (e.g. at 10.18, at 10.21
> and at 10.18)!!!!
> 	And I'm sure he did because he updated DB tables and I can see
> the "last update time" in those tables.
> 	Therefore my servlet processed all the requests, but tomcat
> somehow logged only two of them.
> 	This behaviour on one hand makes me loose important logging
> informations,
> 	on the other hand make the session expire sooner than what they
> should!!!
> 	Any suggestions about it?
> 	What can I do to monitor what's going on there?


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