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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: *SPAM* Re: How to change the CLASSPATH in tomcat 5.028 for a concrete webservice
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 10:44:06 GMT
Can you post a) the working classpath from the command line and b) the 
stack trace you get when it's launched as a webservice?

One other thought that comes to mind is you might want to check all your 
environment variables as a user and as a webservice -- see if the 
installation created something that's not in the profile tomcat is 
running under.

I still think setting CLASSPATH should be an absolutely last resort.


Tomás Tormo wrote:
> Hi David
>   I'm using tomcat 5.028 in Ubuntu 6.10 . I've written a java 
> applicattion wich uses a wrapper to communicate with an applicattion 
> written in C, wich is the "core" of my applicattion. Both the wrapper 
> and the core are third party applicattions, and because of that i 
> don't have the source code, I just have the API.
> The third party sent me an example application wich uses the core. 
> And, as I could see in the script wich lauches the application, this 
> folder should be added to the classpath in order to be able to be 
> located by the wrapper applicattion. The documentation of the wrapper 
> just says that this folder has to exist with an specific name.
> My problem is that my applicattion works fine launched from shell (it 
> founds the folder and uses the core perfectly) but it doesn't work as 
> a webservice. It is not able to find the resource folder (let's call 
> it "cfg"). As I can see in the catalina log, the application tries to 
> load the resources (via ClassLoader I guess) and then launches an 
> exception saying that is not able to find it. The client  gets a 
> HTTPErrorCode0.
> I think I've tried everything to make it find the folder, but I wasn't 
> successful. do you have any idea?
> thank you very  much
> David Smith escribió:
>> I wold STRONLY recommend you DO NOT touch the CLASSPATH env 
>> variable.  It's just a horrible idea.  What is it about your 
>> webservice that requires the alteration of CLASSPATH?  Can you 
>> describe that a bit more?  The standard classloader structure works 
>> very well in virtually all other cases.
>> --David
>> Tomás Tormo wrote:
>>> Hi again
>>>  I've tried to set the classpath in in order to have my 
>>> own classpath set when tomcat starts up ( I show it in 
>>> as well and it looks good). But my problem is that when I show it in 
>>> my webservice (using 
>>> System.out.println(System.getProperty("java.class.path"))) it is 
>>> changed again (it only points to a few jar files in /bin folder) and 
>>> therefore my webservice can't work properly. Shouldn't it be pinting 
>>> to my my /webapp/webservice/WEB-INF/lib folder as well? Does anybody 
>>> know how to fix this problem?
>>> Hakan: I've tried the solution you gave me (create a 
>>> script called from but tomcat don't start up!
>>> Thank you very much for your future answers :p
>>> Tomás Tormo escribió:
>>>> Hi Hakan
>>>> First of all thank you for your fast answer ;).
>>>> Do you mean to create an script called wich will set the 
>>>> CLASSPATH (by export CLASSPATH.. etc)? This script should be called 
>>>> by a modified
>>>> By they way, I printed the CLASSPATH in my webservice (using 
>>>> System.out.println(System.getProperty("java.class.path")); ) and it 
>>>> says that my CLASSPATH is only pointing to a few jars in the bin 
>>>> folder, not even to my /lib folder in my webservice folder (I hope 
>>>> I explained myself well, I'm not using war files). Shouldn't it be 
>>>> pointing to my /webapp/webservice/WEB-INF/lib folder as well?
>>>> Thank you!!
>>>> Greetings!!
>>>> Hakan Koseoglu escribió:
>>>>> Hi Tomás,
>>>>> Tomás Tormo said the following on 09/10/2007 08:26 AM:
>>>>>> I would like to change the classpath for a concrete webservice in

>>>>>> Tomcat 5.028 because the webservice has to use a concrete folder

>>>>>> in order to work. This folder should be in the CLASSPATH in order

>>>>>> to make the webservice work properly and because the webservice 
>>>>>> can't find it, it doesn't work.
>>>>> With Tomcat 5, creating a solves the problem for me. It 
>>>>> gets called if you start the Tomcat using
>>>>> Any variable you define there will be used, including the 
>>>>> classpath. We use it to point to the libraries which we don't put 
>>>>> into common/lib nor war files.
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