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From David Delbecq <>
Subject Re: Legal Risk of Using Tomcat
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2007 15:43:10 GMT
This indemnification all depends on the contracts you have with your
client and the supported hardware you need.
Tomcat and apache fundation in particular do not give any warranty on
this product. It's free but if you sell products
based on it, you assumed needed responsability. Note that i wouldn't
think it very different if you used a commercial product in it, the
vendor could tell you when you have a prob with your client that you
didn't use as it was meaned to.

One way i have seen here tomcat used as a commercial product
(tomcat+application bundle), the company sold us the Application + The
small server it would run onto. This way they had full control of tomcat
environnment and could give us support for application, including any
problem that may arise in tomcat. On the other hand we are not allowed
to deploy anything else on that server :) .

En l'instant précis du 07/09/07 17:36, Irvine, Chuck R [EQ] s'exprimait
en ces termes:
> I hope no one thinks this thread is off topic....
> There are many in the company I work for that would like to leverage
> open source software in general and and Tomcat in particular. However,
> our legal staff resists the idea because of perceived legal risks. I
> know that there are companies who provide indemnification as part of
> their open source support products, but I wonder to what extent such
> indemnification is really necessary. Could those that have experience or
> knowledge in this area please comment? Thanks
> Chuck
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