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From "Wm.A.Stafford" <>
Subject Re: Can two Tomcat web apps deadlock each other?
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2007 20:41:03 GMT
Thanks Alexey.  Unfortunately, the server in question is not ours and we 
do not even have log in on it, so any kind of sane analysis is probably 
out of the question.
All we can do is try deploying another version with changes that will 
either fix the problem (we hope) or yield some more information about 
what is going on.


Alexey Solofnenko wrote:
> Everything is possible, but unlikely. Please try running server stack 
> trace from 
> to 
> get a thread dump. It will show the list of threads and what locks 
> they have acquired and what locks they are waiting for.
> - Alexey.
> Wm.A.Stafford wrote:
>> We are deploying a newer version of a web app to run in the same 
>> Tomcat instance (1.4.31) as the existing version.  On our development 
>> servers, winXP,  if the new version encounters a startup problem the 
>> production app will start and only the new version will fail.
>> On the production server, which is linux, Tomcat seems to 'hang' on 
>> the first failure encountered when starting the new app and nothing 
>> further happens. Tomcat has to be restarted after deleting the new 
>> app when it enters this state.  In the localhost log the last log 
>> entry is the exception logged from the new app and there is no 
>> further logging.  Since we have been doing some database changes the 
>> usual error that causes this is Jakarta DBCP connection failure but 
>> we have also seen it for a missing class file.  So I  don't think the 
>> error per se is at the root of the problem.
>> To me this looks like a deadlock.  Is it possible for one Tomcat web 
>> application to deadlock with another? An obvious difference is 
>> windows vs linux servers.  Could there be some config issue for 
>> Tomcat on linux that would lead to this behavior?
>> We are completely stumped by this, any ideas or suggestions would be 
>> appreciated.
>> -=bill
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