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From "Bill Bainbridge" <>
Subject Mod jk selective forwarding performance problem
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2007 16:32:35 GMT
I am using Tomcat 5.5.23 with Apache 2.2.4 and mod_jk.  The "payments" app uses Struts, Spring
and Tiles.  I'd like to have Apache serve the images, stylesheets and other static content
that is referenced in the Struts jsps, but when I try to do that, if the page isn't cached
in the browser, it comes up with no buttons (from the images/ directory) until I click the
browser's "Refresh" icon; then it shows up again with all the buttons.  The apache error log
shows a "File does not exist:" message on the first try, e.g.:

File does not exist: /usr/apache/httpd/htdocs/payments/images/Bttn_IAgree.gif;jsessionid=FA9B1578B6A813AAF2AB528C7DD398E4,
referer:  (we're using the IP address until we go
into production, when we'll switch over the DNS for the domain name).

I don't have any problems at all when everything for the /payments/ address goes to Tomcat.
 Here's the mod_jk section of httpd.conf:

LoadModule jk_module modules/

JkWorkersFile /usr/apache/httpd/conf/
JkShmFile /usr/apache/httpd/logs/mod_jk.shm
JkLogFile /usr/apache/httpd/logs/mod_jk.log
JkLogLevel warn
JkLogStampFormat "[%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y] "
JkMount /payments/* worker1
JkUnMount /payments/images/* worker1
JkUnMount /payments/html/* worker1
JkUnMount /payments/css/* worker1

I get the same results (no buttons the first time) when I leave out the JkUnMount lines and
change the JkMount line to:


Does anyone know why Apache can't find the image files the first time, but does the second?
 Is this a page timeout thing?  Thanks!


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