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From "Jérôme Etévé" <>
Subject Graceful webapp reloading
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 18:28:00 GMT
Hi everyone !
 I'm wondering how to gracefully reload a webapp ?
 For the moment, I'm forcing the reloading of my application by
touching my myapp.xml file in conf/Catalina/localhost/ .
It causes myapp to be stop and then start.
The problem is while that process, the queries on the server have error like:
503 This application is not currently available
404 /myapp/myservlet The requested resource is not available.

I guess the first error appears in the gap between unloading a
reloading myapp and the second one while myapp is being reload and
dont have all its servlets registered yet.

Is there a way to setup tomcat to do a nice graceful reload where all
the current requests are allowed to finish and the new one putted into
a queue until the application is fully loaded and ready to serve them

Thank you for your help !


Jerome Eteve.

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