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From "Lakshmi Venkataraman" <>
Subject RE: [SOLVED]Tomcat native library Not found in Solaris 9
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2007 20:49:20 GMT
Hi Rainer,
Thanks for your suggestion!  Using the specs file as suggested below did
not work.
Also, gcc -dumpspecs > /path/myspecs and then changing the *libgcc rule
did not 
work either.   
What finally worked was 
export CC="gcc -static-libgcc"
But then I had to recompile OpenSSL, APR and then Tomcat native in that
order with the
above value for CC to completely remove the dependency on

So now I have,, and 
without the dependency on


-----Original Message-----
From: Rainer Jung [] 
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2007 2:20 AM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: [NOT SOLVED]Tomcat native library Not found in Solaris 9


first of all: this is a gcc question. If you search for a high quality
answer, you should contact the gcc commmunity.

My personal way to do this (and there is definitely more than one wait
to do it):

export CC="gcc -specs=/path/to/my/specs"

Contents of file /path/to/my/specs:

-lgcc -lgcc_eh

Now whenever you use a build system, that respects the CC env variable
(e.g. most configure based systems), libgcc should get compiled in



Lakshmi Venkataraman wrote:
> Please give me some tips for compiling libtcnative on Solaris 9 
> without the dynamic dependence on  We ship tomcat with 
> our product.  On customer installations, we cannot assume that 
> libgcc_s will be found in some standard location.
> I have searched a lot on the web. I am also trying to compile gcc with

> --disable-shared option.
> I am running into some issues while trying to compile gcc. 
> 1) How to modify Tomcat native's configure script to link libgcc 
> statically?
> 2) What are the prerequisites before doing step 1)?
> We are using Tomcat 5.5.23. I am using tcnative-1.1.8-src with 
> OpenSSL-0.9.8b.
> --Thanks
> Lakshmi

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