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From "Stasa Jerinic" <>
Subject Problem calling the Web-Application by Alias name
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 08:23:55 GMT
I'm using Tomcat 5.0. For my web-application I use Hibernate, Struts and Struts-Layout Frameworks.
I have following problem:
By starting my application with http://localhost:8080/app or http://my_computer_name:8080/app
I can normally work with application. I can log me and so on.
But in server.xml I inserted in <Host ...> part the tag <Alias>domainname</Alias>.
By calling the web-application with dommainame that I inserted in Alias tag, I get the 
web-application but when I try to login me in the application it fails (same behaviour like
as the session is switched off). 
In the browser-URL I get also not more the domainname but the http://my_computer_name:8080/app.
I tried to see what the problem can be with HTTPWatch. As soon the css with Struts-Layout
is loading the adress is changed from domainname to http://my_computer_name:8080/app.
Have I forgot some settings in tomcat or the problem is lieing in Struts-Layout.
Jerinic Stasa
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