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From "ben short" <>
Subject Re: Multi-Gigabyte Uploads, Tomcat 2GB and higher uploads
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2007 19:36:27 GMT

Have a look at the commons-fileupload [1], it should help you out.



On 8/15/07, David Hesson <> wrote:
> I am dealing with a client who needs multi-gigabyte uploads (4GB+,
> whatever he wants really, and he says it is needed/required by the
> system.)  Anyways, I currently upload a 4GB file to my Tomcat server,
> and it is set to simply post to a JSP with the file (please note that
> files <2GB work fine, forms are set up fine), and that JSP page is never
> reached.  It simply looks like Tomcat is invoking the servlets/target of
> the request or this is because something hasn't been dealt with yet in
> the request to cause this action.  My logs are all clean of errors,
> however, and the filter chain works fine (to some extent, it loops
> forever with this request because it is waiting for it to be dealt
> with).  I receive log messages in beforeProcessing, process, and
> afterProcessing.  However, the JSP is never hit, or if I post the file
> to a servlet, the servlet is never invoked.  I have already tried
> configuring the connector to use maxPostSize="0", as well as setting the
> maxHttpHeaderSize variable.  I am clearly at a loss of what to do.  I
> also tried creating a Request Listener whenever requests are created but
> the request never gets a contentLength or contentType.  The server
> simply begins looping the filter chain over and over and over and never
> hits my servlet/upload.jsp page.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> David
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