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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: apache getting in "sending reply" state when connecting to tomcat
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 14:52:23 GMT wrote:
> If no value is specified then the maximum connectors is default 200.
> I assumed that Tomcat would not allow more connections than 200 to be
> made to port 8009. Why then do we see more than 200 connections on port
> 8009 on the httpd and tomcat side. Is this additional connections in
> some kind of "waiting pool" that gets establised by the OS but not
> honoured by Tomcat?

I don't know exactly, if that parameter changed is some versions, I 
simply checked one version of Tomcat. I would give it a 85% chance, that 
200 is the default also for your version.

You can: learn about the jmxproxy functionality inside the Tomcat 
manager webapp to look up the actual values used during runtime

use "qry=*:*" to get a dump of all MBeans, and then search for 8009 and 
you will find the right value.

You can also use netstat -an in a more fine grained way, by not dropping 
the last column (connection state) to find out, if all connections are 
actually established, or maybe in SYN_SENT etc.

> I am in the process of upgrading our production enviroment to mod_jk .25
> and setting relevant time out values which will hopefully improve things
> or at least rule out one less potential problem.
> Regards

Yes timeouts and increased thread numbers inside Tomcat will be good. To 
find out, why there are so many requests in progress you (resp. your 
webapp developers) really need to take a look at some Java thread dumps 
of your Tomcat processes.



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