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From Peter Stavrinides <>
Subject Re: Tomcat jsessionid and mod_rewrite
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 14:00:13 GMT
Thanks Rainer, this makes sense.


Rainer Jung wrote:
> Peter Stavrinides wrote:
>> Although I am not responsible for the front end, I seem to recall we 
>> use mod_proxy for the reverse proxy. We have front end Apache web 
>> servers that listen for requests externally, internally I can access 
>> Tomcat directly. mod_rewrite is used to make our applications on 
>> Tomcat and Apache appear as one.
>> I use a Java Servlet on Tomcat 5.5.20 with JDK 6.02 ... What I am 
>> curious to know is if the cookie gets set correctly with this 
>> configuration? could the proxy be interfering with normal Tomcat 
>> operation?
> I would not expect Tomcat to behave differently in itself. But yes, 
> the reverse proxy could e.g. filter the cookies or mjore likely, the 
> cookies need some sort of rewriting in order to fit to the URL the 
> client is using to connect to the reverse proxy.
> You need to involve your frontend people, it's very likely the 
> solution will be found in their configuration. If they use AJP13 to 
> connect to Tomcat, most (all) of the translation should be done 
> automatically. If they use HTTP to connect to your Tomcat, some 
> translations have to be done inside Apache httpd. This will be easier 
> with Apache 2.2, than with 2.0.
> There are separate discussion lists for Apache httpd.
> One thing that might help, depending on what the frontend people do 
> exactly: there are proxyName, proxyPort and scheme attributes for the 
> Connector elements in server.xml:
> Regards,
> Rainer
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