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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Apache --> Tomcat SSL via mod_jk
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2007 20:17:03 GMT
Christopher Schultz wrote:
> Omar Nafees wrote:
>> 1) request.getRemoteUser() only works on the "entry-point" servlet (e.g.
>> index.jsp) - it doesn't work if you forward immediately to another page.
>> It seems strange that Tomcat doesn't keep remote user around for later
>> use and forces me to keep it around explicitly in some form (such as a
>> hidden POST parameter).
> This doesn't sound right; getRemoteUser should return the REMOTE_USER
> each time, regardless of which request it is.

And it does. fwd.jsp is

<jsp:forward page="auth.jsp"/>

and auth.jsp is

<%@page session="false"%>
User: <%=request.getRemoteUser() %>

and I do get the correct user name when sending the request to an apache 
with basic authentication configured and connected to Tomcat via mod_jk.

>> 2) The above is assuming SSL is turned off for my application. The
>> minute I turn it on in it's security constraint (in web.xml)
> You cannot "turn on" SSL in web.xml; all you can do is require that SSL
> be used in order for security to work.
> Since you're using mod_jk, you won't be able to use CONFIDENTIAL as a
> security constraint, since mod_jk doesn't communicate using a

I added

         <web-resource-name>Protected Context</web-resource-name>

to web.xml. If I contact the webapp via Apache with http, I get a 
redirect to th https URL. If I talk to Apache via https, I can access 
the application. We know that mod_jk forwards the info about the 
protocol used by Apache when accepting the original request and this 
info is handled by Tomcats security-constraint the same was, as if 
Tomcat had created it on its own connectors.

>> request.getRemoteUser() only returns null. Is there a particular setting
>> in security constraint or elsewhere to achieve the desired behavior?
> I believe you are making a mistake by using CONFIDENTIAL in web.xml, and
> Tomcat is reacting correctly by refusing to accept the remote user as
> furnished by mod_jk because it is not being sent over SSL.

In my test case, it

- doesn't reject or redirect, it simply answers the request - if it was 
sent via Apache/mod_jk using https in the original request

- the JSP correctly outputs the user name. I get it when requesting 
fwd.jsp, and also when requesting auth.jsp.

Again I think you should try a simple example first.



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