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From Roger Parkinson <>
Subject Re: tomcat hang/freeze under windows
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2007 10:40:46 GMT
Useful stuff, thanks. We don't use any filters in the app, but we do 
have a db. I'll get them to check it out for deadlocks and get a stacktrace.
Still a puzzle why a little demo setup gives this and the live apps 
don't. It will be interesting when we know.
Anyway, good general approach advice. Just what I asked for, thanks.

David Delbecq wrote:
> Looks like a deadlock occuring at your db. You probably have a filter
> that applies to each request and is deadlocking in some way. The reason
> you can still reach the login page is that login page is served by
> tomcat without getting through the filters.
> The best way, if you have remote access to app, is to get the jvm to
> issue a stacktrace. On windows, to do this, you have to hit ctrl-break
> on console running jvm. An alternate way could be to quickly develop a
> test war that have one servlet that issues Thread.getAllStackTraces()
> (java 5) on demand.
> With a stacktrace, you will know exactly where you http thread is waiting :)
> En l'instant précis du 28/08/07 23:44, Roger Parkinson s'exprimait en
> ces termes:
>> Sorry this is question is so terse, but general approach kind of help
>> would be very welcome.
>> I get to the login page every time, but after that there's no
>> response. Seems to be nothing relevant in the logs.
>> The machine is remote from me and in a 12 hours different timezone
>> (yawn...zzz) so getting access to local staff is a challenge. Hence
>> the vagueness (apologies again).
>> Restarting tomcat everything comes right for a while, works perfectly,
>> then... freeze.
>> What we are doing is deploying a pair of war files that are known to
>> be running really well elsewhere (ie on my dev env plus two live
>> sites). There are config options in the apps (there are also config
>> options in tomcat that might be screwed too, still checking that). So
>> I don't think it is the app itself. Actually we don't seem to be
>> getting to the app once it freezes except for the login page.
>> I'm using form based login (is that right term? throws up a JSP page
>> with a user/password prompt if you're not logged in, then lets you
>> proceed). Realm is through JDBC to SQLServer.
>> O/s: windows 2000
>> Java: jdk1.5.0_11
>> Tomcat 5.5.7
>> Thanks for any help.
>> Roger
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