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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Tomcat looses POST parameters
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2007 23:31:31 GMT
M4N - Arjan Tijms wrote:
> Hi,
> c. wrote:
>> I experienced some problems with missing POST parameters.  I'm not sure
>> where the problem lay but I was using apache 2, tomcat 5.5, mod_ajp_proxy
>> and dwr.  I upgraded to tomcat 6 using mod_proxy and NIO and have not
>> seen
>> the problem since.
> Chris, this sounds very interesting and is consistent with what I
> understood about possible race problems in Tomcat 5.5 being (perhaps)
> fixed in Tomcat 6. Unfortunately I can not upgrade a live production
> server overnight, certainly not with a whole major version, but I'll
> definitely will push for an early upgrade. In the mean time I will try
> if 5.5.23 or better the soon to be released 5.5.25 makes any difference.

Just a random thought. Might this (fixed in 5.5.21 onwards) be the
source of the problem? You might want to read the thread on the users
list that lead to this getting fixed as well.


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