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From Markus Schönhaber <>
Subject Re: Very Slow Startup with APR
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 17:36:37 GMT
Rainer Jung schrieb:

> Let's see: doesn't this *remove* the RAND_file_name() line? Man page of 
> RAND_file_name() says, that it returns a file for andomness and respects 
>   variable RANDFILE. I neither know the code well, nor did I check now, 
> if there are other references to RANDFILE. Mladen's commit log entry "In 
> case we don't specify the global randFile use like mod_ssl does with 
> builtin. This fixes long init on some platforms." doesn't really 
> contradict this interpretation.

Yep, now that you say it it is clear for me too. Been a blockhead,
Just to confirm that I don't get it wrong again: it is to be expected
that the value of RANDFILE is ignored in my case since im using tcnative

> I simply thought it could be helpful to point out recent changes in 
> behaviour.

You have been very helpful! Thanks for that.


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