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From Matthew Kerle <>
Subject Re: tomcat memory realms & tomcat-users.xml
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2007 02:41:39 GMT
Hi Charles, thanks for you help.

what if the memory-realm was configured in the context.xml for the 
application? then it should only be available to that particular 
app...?  I'm currently working on a mock to see if I can get this to 
work, if something as simple as defining the memoryrealm and the client 
adding http auth headers will be turned into a principal by tomcat 
available to my code, then it's all good. but things are never that 

Does anyone know what circumstances have to be true for tomcat to run 
the request against the memoryrealm and create a Principle? The access 
control will all be happening inside my code (well, in database access 
code more precisely), my dilemma is how to turn HTTP or SOAP headers 
into role names and where to store all that...

thanks for the security filter link, I'll check it out and see if it 
meets our needs.

* Matthew Kerle
* * IT Consultant *
* Canberra, Australia*

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Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
>> From: Matthew Kerle [] 
>> Subject: tomcat memory realms & tomcat-users.xml
>> I've read the tomcat docs on memory realm: 
>> and I want to expose the org.apache.catalina.UserDatabase 
>> class to the web service context via a <ResourceLink...>.
> You probably don't want to do that (even if it's possible, which I
> doubt), since all code in the webapps would then have access to the
> credentials.
>> I'd like to be able to authenticate users without having 
>> to add a <security-constraint> to my web.xml, so that
>> unauthenticated clients can still connect.
> URL patterns in the <security-constraint> allow you to control which
> portions of the webapp are accessible to unauthenticated users.  If you
> want something with finer granularity, a filter is probably appropriate.
> Take a look at:
> for a popular one.
>  - Chuck
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