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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: IIS redirect to Apache
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2007 21:19:07 GMT
Yes, this will be possible with the plugin. Be careful: a redirect is 
something else (it sends the browser a new URL, to which it should 
connect). A reverse proxy send the request forward to another servber 
and returns the response to the browser in a way, such that the browser 
will not notice the indirect setup.

A necessary precondition is, that you can relatively easily decide, 
which URLs should be handled by your .NET app, and which ones you will 
forward. Good criteria would be URL prefixes and similar easy rules. 
Such rules can be used for the plugin, to configure, which requests the 
plugin sould handle.

The plugin is also able to do very basic replacements in the URLs before 
forwarding them.



Tony Fountain wrote:
> Martin,
> To clarify our setup, our site receives the initial HTTP request and the
> application server in question is IIS and the site is written in
> ASP.NET.  Some of the pages that will be served will include a frame
> that hosts pages from this product hosted by Tomcat on another server.
> The current configuration is such that the product invokes some
> javascript on the client and the javascript is generating errors
> preventing the pages from working properly.  The vendor states that this
> is due to security issues with the javascript executing across domains
> and the way to fix this is to implement a proxy from IIS that redirects
> the request (I'm assuming server side but I'm not sure) to the Tomcat
> webapp.  I'm looking to see if anyone else has any experience they could
> lend in creating a proxy from IIS that redirects a request to a Java
> webapp hosted by Tomcat on another physical server.
> My understanding is I will then be able to reference the URL and make it
> look like it's part of the domain running in IIS instead of formatting
> another URL in the form of
> http://<servername>:<port>/<webapp>/<repository>.
> Thanks,
> Tony Fountain
> Benefit Concepts, Inc.
> (419) 244-9936 x9010 (office)
> (419) 249-7221 (fax)

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