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From David Hesson <>
Subject Multi-Gigabyte Uploads, Tomcat 2GB and higher uploads
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2007 19:19:50 GMT
I am dealing with a client who needs multi-gigabyte uploads (4GB+, 
whatever he wants really, and he says it is needed/required by the 
system.)  Anyways, I currently upload a 4GB file to my Tomcat server, 
and it is set to simply post to a JSP with the file (please note that 
files <2GB work fine, forms are set up fine), and that JSP page is never 
reached.  It simply looks like Tomcat is invoking the servlets/target of 
the request or this is because something hasn't been dealt with yet in 
the request to cause this action.  My logs are all clean of errors, 
however, and the filter chain works fine (to some extent, it loops 
forever with this request because it is waiting for it to be dealt 
with).  I receive log messages in beforeProcessing, process, and 
afterProcessing.  However, the JSP is never hit, or if I post the file 
to a servlet, the servlet is never invoked.  I have already tried 
configuring the connector to use maxPostSize="0", as well as setting the 
maxHttpHeaderSize variable.  I am clearly at a loss of what to do.  I 
also tried creating a Request Listener whenever requests are created but 
the request never gets a contentLength or contentType.  The server 
simply begins looping the filter chain over and over and over and never 
hits my servlet/upload.jsp page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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