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From paul womack <>
Subject undesirable session timeout behaviour
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2007 14:19:32 GMT
For reasons all my own, I want the timeout period
to be quite short - essentially if a (human) user
sits around doing nothing for more than 5 minutes,
I want to timeout the session.

I have configured tomcat to do this, and it
works fine.


If the user initiates an activity (ok - I'll admit - it's a download)
which takes longer than 5 minutes, the session gets timed out
every time, since tomcat doesn't monitor "activity in general"
for timeouts; tomcat just monitors user requests.

I thought of setting the timeout to "some large value"
at the start of a download, but that would require estimating
bandwidth ahead of time (to estimate a good value for

It would be more appealing to have download traffic
reset the timeout clock, but I'm open to other insights.

Has any body else had this problem, and
(even better) created a solution?


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