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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: Address already in use
Date Sun, 12 Aug 2007 17:57:47 GMT
Most linux systems (probably *nix in general) store the pid in a file 
named after the service  in /var/run.  Your restart script could pick up 
that pid and then loop through checking for it's existance about once a 
second until it's gone before continuing with a new startup.  That at 
least is dynamic enough to accommodate long and short shutdown times.  
Keep track of the wait and if it takes too long, log an error.


Manivannan Palanichamy wrote:
> On 8/11/07, Susan Richards <> wrote:
>> First, I just want to say that I sure appreciate all the help I am getting
>> on this list and I don't deserve to even associate with highly intelligent
>> beings such as yourselves.
>> We shutdown and restart our tomcat 5.5.23 server nightly.  Initially, a
>> maintenance page for system backup gets copied and then it gets bounced with
>> the and scripts.  Since we upgraded last Friday,
>> it's not always starting up.  I see this message in the log:
>> SEVERE: Error initializing endpoint
>> Address already in use (errno:226):80
>> I've checked server.xml and I only have one connector using this
>> port.  Perhaps all the connections are not getting terminated when it shuts
>> down?  How do I fix this problem?  How do I figure out what is the cause?
> Sometimes, I too faced this prob. I did a work around. Just grep for the
> tomcat process id. some thing like,
> ps -ax | grep 'endorsed'  //an ugly grep to fetch tomcat process
> as you have got the process id now, kill the tomcat as,
> kill -9 [pid]
> Now start the tomcat.
> [also, make sure, you are not running a webserver already on port 80. if you
> are running any oracle server, probably it might be starting a apache
> webserver on 80, pl check]

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